Table Selfie

Check out the all new Table Selfie Touch in action below..

What are the Table Selfies?

The all NEW Table Selfie launched this year. We are one of the first companies to offer this to the public after recently launching. The Table Selfie will sit in the middle of your table, your centre piece and decor will sit in the middle of your Table Selfie. It can be spun round the table taking pictures of all of your guests. This can then be saved, printed or uploaded to social media.

How does the table selfie do this?

Launched in January 2018, the Table Selfie Touch is an upgraded version of the Table Selfie product with a touch-screen replacing the custom board. Guests no longer have to use their smartphone to trigger the countdown and can now use the touchscreen to trigger, countdown, preview and print!

The Table Selfie is perfect for weddings, seasonal occasions, group dinners or corporate functions. It is perfect for any sit down occasions. Each Table Selfie has a to allow hosts to incorporate and add personalised centre pieces and decorations. Guests sitting around the table can manually spin the Table Selfie to face there direction, you can then use the interactive touch screen to take there photo. The Table Selfie will then use the camera built in to the head to take your picture, this will then be presented to you on the touch screen, to share, delete or print. Once you click print it will be sent to our remote printer station which will then print 6×4′ print”. Your photo can also be branded by text and a custom boarder to add a personal touch to every print.

In addition to taking away all your digital and hard copy photos, all the photos captured by the Table Selfie at a single occasion are stored and can be imported onto a USB drive for further use.

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